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Somebody Stop Him Episode 7: Love, Live, and Ben 10

Adam deconstructs his Love Live fanfiction in this episode. Can Kass and Michael detour him with a visit to the Ben 10 Wikia? 


Somebody Stop Him Episode 6: The Life and Times of Kassandra

Scott joins us this week as Adam tells the never-ending story of the birth and life of Kass. 

There was some minor noise from an unknown source at the beginning of the episode that I was unable to remove. 


Somebody Stop Him Episode 5: Only Villains Use Shapes

Join us as Adam fails at telling another story so we explore the new characters of Turbo Milf, Mega Milf, and Beat Rice: A hero and a villain who are competing for the love of their wife. Will somebody buy this million dollar idea?


Somebody Stop Him Episode 4: Belt the Family Together

After a short hiatus, Adam tells a story about how Michael got kicked out of San Diego Comic-Con. Join Adam, Michael, and Kass as we discuss how dabbing affects the audio quality, time travel, human flight, Adam's Persona palace, gay bars, complexities of the Boysverse timeline, controversial comic book opinions, and the nice people on Reddit. 


Somebody Stop Him Episode 3: Adam Rides In a Cash Cab

Adam tells his story when he rode in a Cash Cab. Kass is baffled by a picture of the Pizza Cat while Adam and Michael talk about their New York club, Dual Sheaths. Topics of interest: the complexities of color, being painfully gay, Elon Musk, threatening the Reverse-Flash, Jon Benjamin's I Can't Play Piano, our porn idea: Guys Being Dudes and more. And then join us as we update our high school superhero idea, Jizz Fingers, for the modern era. Can Adam win if he changes the story? 

Warning: Loud Noise 59:05

We are attempting to get better at calling Kass by the right name. We thank her for her patience.


Somebody Stop Him Episode 2: A Timeline Where Girls Don’t Poop

Adam tells the story of his beloved son, Rodrigo, and the ash river spirt, John Cena. Listen to us devolve into a mess of weeaboo trash. 

For a list of Adam's sons, go to


Somebody Stop Him Episode 1: Adam Goes to the Opera

This is our pilot where Adam tells the story of when we went to the opera while Michael and Kyle try to interrupt him with stories of the Fitness Pacer Test, Bionicles, lies, Norman Reedus, maritime law, and more!